{New Practice!} An exclusive “Amrita” webinar, Part 2. The Practice of Desire.
{New Practice!} An exclusive “Amrita” webinar, Part 2. The Practice of Desire.

“Desire is what does all the work” (с) Rumi

In this webinar we will also learn a practice that is completely new for most students of the school. The Amrita technique does not simply combine the three basic elements of energy, power and concentration, but amplifies the effects of the previous techniques.

How does it do so? By working with one’s sexual energy, which we will learn to control, directing it to the brain and to the realization of one’s goals and desires.

What will it be about?

As long as we desire and claim it, we are alive, we attract events, we form connections. Desire is the force that drives us to a place where anything is possible. Your desires may be different, but they all have one foundation, one root. And if you understand and learn to work with it, they will give you a powerful, fiery flow of energy to realize any intention.

The practical basis of the webinar is based on the techniques of Tantric Buddhism: Annutara-yoga-tantra.

The webinar will be held under the personal guidance of David Verdesi.


The theoretical part of the webinar:

– Desires. What is the root of all desires?
– Where do the states “I have no strength,” “I want nothing,” and how to deal with them with the help of scientifically sound practices of higher yoga tantra.
– Where to get a powerful flow of energy that brings desires to life?
– How do you use sexual energy to achieve your goals?
– What is the secret of great spiritual leaders and martial artists?
– What empowers our words, actions and intentions?
– The key to finding the inner center of power, the steadfastness of the mind.
– Inner integrity as the key to quick fulfillment of desires.
– Understanding the nature of internal conflicts and their resolution.
– The inner union of opposites as the key to kundalini activation. How to achieve it?


Practical part:

Amrita in Hindu mythology is the drink to which the gods owe their immortality. This practice is very effective in filling us with energy, strength, joy and enhancing our quality of life.

Most of the time on the webinar will be devoted to the practical part. There will be three days filled with interesting lectures and mastering the new “secret” practice under the leadership of David Verdesi.

Dates: March 19, 20 and 21 at 18:00 Moscow time.


Note! This is a paid event.

Cost of participation: 15 000 rubles. For students of the school – 12 000 rubles.

For all participants of the first part of the event – 10 000 rubles.

Full payment is required to reserve a seat.
All registered students will receive a record of the practical part and a discount for the online course.


The first part of this event was held in January, where we studied mahamudra from the Heart Mirror cycle. This teaching is usually imparted during a 100-day retreat, but we were able to touch on it superficially in three days and also met one of David’s teachers, Karma Lhatrul Rinpoche. We later discovered that according to the Tantric calendar, those very days were auspicious for this practice.

You can purchase the three-day webinar in a recording by contacting one of our team members.

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