Frequently Asked Questions
01.Organizational issues
How long will I have access to the lessons?
We give students access to all the tutorial videos for six months. It can be renewed if needed for a small fee.
What is the time interval at which the lessons open?
A new lesson is automatically accessed 24 hours after you view the previous one.
Can I practice during pregnancy?
It is possible to practice Energy during pregnancy very carefully and if you already have experience in breathing practices. For Power, pregnancy is a contraindication, as the practice actively engages the abdominal muscles.
Can I practice if I have any cardiovascular diseases?
Cardiovascular diseases, especially those related to taking medications, are a contraindication for Energy. In some cases, if you are not prescribed to take medication, it is possible to practice by listening to yourself and giving each lesson, especially the warm-up, more days. There are no such contraindications for Power and Meditation practices.
Can I practice with scoliosis, a broken septum and back injuries?
It all depends on the degree of the disease. If a person can breathe through their nose even a little bit, it already means that they can do the practice. For the most complicated injuries there is an excellent method of increasing the immunity and alkalizing the body - breath-holding.
Absolute contraindications to the course are:
Glaucoma, epilepsy, rehabilitation after chemotherapy, hangover syndrome after alcohol and drug use, post-stroke condition, presence of unhealed wounds or stitches, taking antidepressants or psychostimulants. If you wish to practice if you have any of the items on this list, you are solely responsible for any consequences for yourself!
You may practice with caution:

During lactation, if you have a deviated septum, if you have high blood pressure, or if you have urolithiasis.

Remember, health depends on 2 factors: your energy and mindset. And one complements the other. With the help of practices, we strengthen our inner energy, and it helps us to change our perception of the world and ourselves, and thus there is an opportunity to consciously change our world view and cure any complex diseases!

03.Practical issues
How much time per day does the practice take?
Five minutes to an hour a day. You can do the exercises at any time of the day, any number of times, regardless of meals. Be guided by the sensations of your body.
What should I do if I can't do some part of the practice?
In order to properly master each element, you should lengthen the time of this lesson before moving on to the next one. We also recommend you to take a mentorship program and practice under the guidance of an experienced mentor.
Can I do all 3 practices in one day?
Experienced students do exactly that, doing Energy in the morning, Power in the afternoon, and meditation in the evening. However, in the first year, it is better to concentrate on one practice per day to work through each one separately.
How long should I hold my breath on average during the practice?
Breathing practice is not a breath-holding competition. In all of his courses and workshops, David always emphasizes all of the positive effects of the practices and the feelings you need to focus on. Remember that the breath is just a tool. Holding the breath as long as you can is very helpful in achieving the results of the practice. However, don't make it your goal to increase this holding time!
Do I really need to practice every day to get results?
Yes, but that shouldn't scare you. Once you've experienced the positive effects of the practice, you simply can't practice less often. You will probably start practicing even more and more often over time, noticing how much it changes your life and each day of your life.
I'm not able to do the practice 2-4 times a day. Can I do more sets at a time or increase the time of sets?
At first, it is advisable to follow the instructions in order not to overload the body. As a last resort, increase the number of sets to 4. However, it is important to be attentive to your body and enjoy the practice!
How long should I practice if I do two or three courses at the same time?
If you are practicing two or three courses at the same time, you do not have to do the same practice for 120 days. You can alternate each of them by doing them for 30 days, for example. The main thing is not to take long breaks. If you need help from a mentor, refer to a mentorship program.
What practices should experienced students focus on?
If you have been practicing breathing for a year, focus more on meditation practice. It should quickly bring you into a state of mind dissolving, which I recommend you to stay in for as long as possible.
Is it possible to combine all three practices together?
Yes, there is a way. However, this information is part of the advanced course that I give to my students in seminars, retreats, or individual sessions.
I have been practicing the first Energy module for over 45 days, and I still cannot see the light.
Most likely you are doing something wrong. You can ask for help from our mentors to figure out what you're missing, or you can come to a personal practice with David.
Can I do a practice in a negative state (after a bad interaction with a person, in an emotional state)?
Practice reinforces the state in which we begin it. That's why it's important to tune in and create a positive intention before each practice!
04.Practice outcomes
Can a breathing practice induce a Kundalini awakening?
Yes, and it is one of the quickest methods!
What results can I expect from taking the course?

The results of the practice can be quite different. It depends on many internal and external factors. Your personal experience, emotional health, cultural environment, physical condition - everything matters and everything can affect the speed and intensity of results.

However, for your convenience we have divided the possible results of the practices into 5 categories and stages:

Stage 1: Energy Increase. You will improve your health, stamina, concentration, you will have more desires and enjoyment in fulfilling them;

Stage 2: inner silence. Negative thoughts, emotions, fears and resentments clouding your mind will be gone. Inner harmony and happiness will become your permanent states;

Stage 3: Mental alchemical transformation of the mind. Mind transforms into love, empathy, unity, joy, gratitude, blessing and happiness (kundalini awakening, attainment of various siddhis is possible, a complete cleansing of all chakras takes place);

Stage 4: Awakening. Realization of oneself in Oneness;

Stage 5: Transformation of the body into light.

05.Side effects of the practice. What is this?
While practicing, my body wobbles/shakes and feels hot. Is this normal?

This is what happens when your body/mind goes through a major transformation, heals from any trauma, and rebalances.

The vibrations and "shaking" in the body are a good sign: the body is gaining the right level of energy and structuring the mitochondrias. However, if you feel the need for more understanding of what is going on and support, ask your colleagues in the chat room, your mentors, or David personally.

I've noticed that I become more aggressive after practicing the Energy course. What could this be related to?

It probably means that you are not spending enough time on the preparatory exercises. If this happens to you all of a sudden, focus more on meditating after any exercise. Increase your physical activity, go for a massage. Take a break for 1 day;

The practices David gives on his personal Instagram that will soon be translated and published by us on the @davidverdesi_practice account will also help you, join in!

Power Course: increasing sexual energy that has nowhere to go. What to do if I do not have a partner?
Sexual energy is a powerful force that can be directed not only to sex. Learn to control this energy in your body (sexual energy has to go up the spine, filling the entire body with power). Increase physical activity: running, swimming, sports. In addition, this energy can be directed to building a business, creativity, or other positive direction (by the way, this is the most reliable way to find a partner!)