“Power and Confidence 2: Body”

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“Power and Confidence 2: Body”
A course on psycho-physical and sexual health. About comprehensive work on the body and sensuality. You'll learn exercises that establish a direct connection between body and mind - and, of course, give a lot of pleasure.

Who this course is for:
– For women who already have a partner and want to enrich their sexual experience;

– For women who do not have a partner and want to generate sexual energy on their own;

– For women who are planning a pregnancy and want the most painless birth possible;

– For women who have recently given birth and intend to restore the tone of their intimate muscles;

– For women who want to develop self-confidence and more easily reach their goals;

– And also – for men, who want to discover new facets of sexuality: most of the exercises are suitable for both sexes.

The course is suitable for people of any ideology. It does not contradict any moral norms and does not rely on anything that is not based on science!

About Ekaterina Kulik, the co-author of the course:
Catherine is a women’s coach. For more than 15 years Ekaterina has been working in the banking field as a top manager and a head of regional projects. She is currently involved in merging the banking experience with femtech. Catherine holds individual and group sessions focused on women’s development. Co-director of the Service for Woman project (Dubai), which offers multiple practices for women’s mental and physical health.

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The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
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