Our programs

01. The Basic Course
85 $
The Basic Course

The Basic course is a theoretical knowledge and introductory breathing practices that will allow you to discover your inner energy potential.

It is suitable for those who have wanted to try the practices of David Verdesi for a long time, but did not become a participant in the full-fledged online programs of the school.

The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
  • Learn how the energy is generated in the body and how the energy state affects our lives;
  • Get 4 breathing exercises that will activate your diaphragm, open your chest, and start the natural circulation of energy in the body;
  • Learn two basic breathing practices from different school courses that will allow you to reset, release tension, and access the autonomous nervous system, bringing the conscious and unconscious mind together into a whole;
  • Listen to introduction theory of the two advanced practices - Amrita and Mahamudra.
02. “The Energy of Life”
200 $
“The Energy of Life”

It is recommended as a basic course within the school.

Its main objectives are to clear the energy channels, open the locked energy potential in the body and bring you into a resourceful state.

There are 7 video lessons of 15-20 minutes each and 10 simple practices, through which you can open the energy potential of your body and the creative potential of your mind, and significantly improve the quality of your life.

The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
  • Learn how to control your body and mind;
  • Increase the level of concentration and motivation;
  • Learn how to properly manage your energy and time;
  • Become focused, begin to achieve what you want faster;
  • Learn to clearly and distinctly express your thoughts, to convince your interlocutor;
  • Learn how to control your feelings and emotions;
  • Improve your health, regain your strength and contribute to your longevity;
  • Improve the quality of your life and your way of thinking;
  • Fall asleep with a dream, begin to wake up with a goal.
03. “The Power & Confidence”
200 $
“The Power & Confidence”

The course is especially suitable for those who know clearly what they want from life. Practice in this course will contribute to the development of leadership skills, strengthening positions in business, expanding the sphere of influence.

In 7 lessons you will learn how to develop your inner power and manage your energy, you will be able to direct them to self-realization in all spheres of life.

The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
  • Achieving a state of stability and inner strength;
  • You will become a magnet for strong and successful people;
  • Being able to rebuild your boundaries and foundation;
  • Being able to stand firmly on your feet and begin to implement any of your decisions and goals;
  • Increasing self-confidence and confidence in your own abilities;
  • Achieving greater success in the areas of business, sports, health, family, self-realization;
  • Improving health and a burst of energy;
  • Through all of the above, you will undoubtedly improve your financial well-being and sex life;
  • Increasing your stamina;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins on the physical and mental levels;
  • Strengthening of intellectual abilities and concentration.
04. “Power and Confidence 2: Body”
150 $
“Power and Confidence 2: Body”

The course is suitable for people of any ideology. It does not contradict any moral norms and does not rely on anything that is not based on science!

The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
  • You'll become more aware of your body and increase your orgasmicity;
  • You will learn how to generate energy for daily activities;
  • You will begin to catch even more attention from the opposite sex;
  • Get rid of possible body clamps and develop plasticity;
  • You will come to sensitive and deep interaction with your partner;
  • Establish a connection between mind and body;
  • Improve women's health and normalize hormonal balance;
  • Bonus: These practices prepare your muscles for an easy birth, as well as a quicker recovery during the postnatal period.
05. “Harmony. Introduction to Meditation”
200 $
“Harmony. Introduction to Meditation”

In this course you will learn how to unite body and mind. As a result, you will be able to control your reactions and thoughts and get rid of automatic behavior.

In 8 lessons you will also learn how to relax quickly and easily, how to recover your strength. As a result of practicing meditation over the long term, you will become free of external influences and become more flexible and malleable. You will increase your productivity and creativity, as well as learn how to generate and retain a state of happiness for a long time.

The results of constant practice of the students in this course:
  • You will learn how to quickly relax your mind and body;
  • You will become a more balanced and calm person;
  • This will bring precision and prudence into your life, which will allow you to achieve your goals more quickly;
  • You will recover more quickly during your rest time;
  • You will find that you have many more hours in your day simply because you will be more often present in each moment, deriving genuine enjoyment from it;
  • Unnecessary automatic actions will disappear from your life;
  • You will have much more time for the things you really enjoy;
  • You will become free from the influence of others, from the pressure of society, from attachment to results, from expectations, fears, stereotypes and subconscious negative programs;
  • Your brain and your consciousness will become malleable and flexible, you will be able to adapt faster to any situation and find the most unexpected and creative solutions;
  • New ideas and opportunities will emerge and your productivity will increase;
  • You will learn how to generate and maintain your own sense of happiness, because you are the only source of it.
Most of the practices in David Verdesi's School are built around the breath, because to Free the Breath is to Free the Mind.

Freeing the breath allows the mind to move freely through space, and to take control of its desires and possibilities, to become free of forms, negative feelings and emotions. Liberating the breath illuminates the innate divine nature of the mind and makes it independent.